Agri Food & Climate Circle

Empowering science, business, and policy leaders to accelerate the green transition in the agri-food sector


Are you ready to take responsibility and collaborate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the food and agriculture sector? Let’s act now and embrace our shared duty. SEGES Innovation is leading the way, bringing together decision-makers, scientists, and corporate leaders to implement groundbreaking solutions.

Join us in reshaping the climate impact of the agri-food industry alongside policymakers, businesses, and top scientists. Our network isn’t just about collaboration; it’s a driving force for unprecedented change. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the green revolution – together, we’ll overcome obstacles and uncover new opportunities. Join us on this vital journey!

Save the date 20-21 May 2025

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Share your ideas with leading expects within the agri food sector

Do you know how to reduce the climate footprint of the agri food sector? Then we encourage you to share them with us. Soon it will be possible to send in poster presentations, and if your submission is successful, you will have the opportunity to share your work and participate in the debate with leading industry experts from all over the world. Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned.



Highlights from Agri Food & Climate Circle 2023

Agri Food & Climate Circle 2023 gathered more than 200 people from 14 different countries in a conference aimed at sharing knowledge about sustainable solutions to transform agriculture and food. Some of the most innovative researchers, industry experts, and other decision-makers – even HM The King of Denmark – came together to tackle the challenge for a better tomorrow.

About the circle

Climate is high on the agenda all over the world. In Denmark we are committed to pushing the development and leading the way in sharing and implementing knowledge from science and research to practice. To this end, we aim to facilitate the cooperation across the agri food sector.

In collaboration with leading Danish universities and companies from the agri food sector, Danish agriculture innovation centre SEGES Innovation invites researchers, experts, and decision-makers to the new international climate conference: Agri Food & Climate Circle 2025. This unique event brings together agri food research and industry in the hunt for solutions, which will aid us all in reaching the goals of reducing the climate footprint of the agri food sector – starting now.