About SEGES Innovation

SEGES Innovation is a private, independent, non-profit research and development organisation and is the leading agricultural knowledge and innovation centre in Denmark.


Our research, digital solutions and commitment helps your business develop and create great results. Our knowledge covers all aspects of farming and farm management – from crops, livestock and finance to tailor made software solutions, training and development of farm employees and business strategies.

We exist to provide farmers and the farming industry with the best tools possible, the latest knowledge and the very best advisory service. And that is what we deliver.


Our solutions on carbon foot print, environment and animal welfare step-changes on-farm sustainability and transparency. Our focus is at the same time to strengthen profitability on farm.


We stand committed to developing sustainable solutions within practical farming, for the benefit of farmers, businesses and societies all over the world. We work towards net zero carbon emissions from Danish agriculture by 2050.

President of Agri Food & Climate Circle 2025

Lisbeth Henricksen, Executive Director, SEGES Innovation